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Even even more Experimentation

Another possible layout that i’ve experimented with. I don’t like this one as much as the last one but i was told that this one would visually look better. Getting rid of the drips off the illustrations as i want to create my own style and not use elements of Vince Frost. I changed my illustrations also as i want to really illustrate the amount of houses within my illustrations as i don’t think the message was very clear. So by adding the number to replace certain things in my images does this.

More Experimentation

Magazine layout is definitely a passion of mine and i’m finding this project to be really fun. This is a layout with my illustrations in. I like this layout, however after feedback from tutors i need to really break the mould and be inventive in what i produce. So basically i need to come up with an inventive way of laying it out on the page or possibly pages to create one.


I’ve been experimenting with text wrapping in Indesign. Something i’ve never really done before successfully. I’m not to sure about this: 

I think perhaps my image is too much of an odd shape and would work better on an image that is possibly of more equal proportions to make it more visually pleasing. However this could be something different and may even work in my final piece.

Here’s also an attempt at doing it with another illustration.

The whole dripping theme was taken as inspiration from one of vince frosts pieces in a shop window where he has his name printed on the window which is actually dripping much like my image. This will be the TINY link from his work to mine as i don’t want it to be too obvious and want my own style to be present also. Overall my illustrations are meant to represent housing and how he has lived in 44 different homes in his 44 years that he’s been alive. I think this works effectively but i need to focus a little more on the number rather than just the single illustration that only represents ONE house.

Even More

Door Handle to be put into my final editorial piece?


House Key?

More Vince Frost

Drawing things that symbolise a house and moving house. In this case the key is.

Frost ideas

Drew this on Illustrator. It’s something i don’t usually do, but i really enjoyed it and want to try a new style like this in my editorial Vince Frost piece. I wanted to focus on how he’s lived in 44 houses in the 44 years he’s been alive. This will be illustrated by this style of drawings to show moving house.

Day Project Type Radio Poster

We were today given an hour or two to come up with a poster & badge design for an event that was orientated around Type Radio. The poster had to be solely created from Typography.

In pairs that were picked at random by our tutors meant that i was able to go with someone that i’ve not worked with before in past projects so that was really good to get to know them and share ideas on this project.

We came up with the idea of a 10th Birthday anniversary event for Type Radio, and as we were both doing Vince Frost for our chosen designer in our main project we incorporated him as a live guest at this event. Here is the outcomes for our event: 

The poster was square. Not the most environmentally friendly option in terms of printing but we thought of perhaps doing a size that varies from your typical A4/A3 Poster. The yellow and black we thought would be in keeping with the Type Radio site and colours. The typography we made to be dripping slightly as we really liked Vince Frosts typography on one of his previous projects that is similar. Also Vince Frosts logo/Asterisk is in the background.

This would be the shape of the badge, Vince Frosts asterisk. We thought that perhaps the badge could a replacement of your standard ticket to this event. So with the badge comes one admission.

Overall a good project that got us thinking and provided us with a break from working on our editorial piece for our main project.

Day Project Magazine/Layouts Brief

This was definitely my favourite day project yet. Magazine layouts are something that i’m passionate about and something that i want to do in industry. I think this showed in my groups final outcomes too, receiving great feedback from our tutors.

In groups we were given a subject such as Lifestyle/ Tv Listings/ Technology. All different genres of magazine. My group was given Interior/House as a genre. Ideally this wasn’t a genre of magazine i was particularly interested in or would read ever. However as typical with industry briefs it will not always be a subject that you’re passionate about so we made the most of what we had.

After researching many different magazines in the library we set about creating grids and layouts on double spreads to get some sort of idea on what layout we’d go with. Then we all set off when clear on what we wanted to achieve and came back at the end to put all or spreads together ready to present.

We worked well as a group constantly meeting back to communicate any queries and monitor the progress we were making. Here are our final outcomes that we presented to the rest of our course:

Front Cover

First Page I Created

Second Page by River

Third Page Created by Shaun

Final Page by Ally Perdue


On this day project we were set into groups and given 9 polystyrene packaging blocks and told to create our own experimental type from them. There were no real rules as to what we do with them as long as we use them to create a type-face or a word in our type face that we created.


We started by using the blocks as they were and see what letters we could actually make from them as they are. We managed to spell the word “static” from the blocks. This was a basic idea that we thought we could expand on. This is how we went further…

We then decided to print these letters onto paper to create different words. We thought this looked effective however thought that there was some way that we could develop this or move to a better idea.

We experimented with using shadows to create type with the blocks. This above is a lower case ‘a’ that we made from the blocks onto the ground. We managed to create these letters also.. 

After this we had some spare time to destroy one of the blocks and create an effective script type face… 

Untitled from laurence king on Vimeo.

I created this animation for my previous Shelter project. It’ll be used as the second generation advertising as well as the Adshel. It will be on Youtube and Vimeo and advertisements on websites.

Today i presented my presentation to my tutor about my chosen designer Vince Frost. Through this session of talking through my designer it’s helped me choose what route i’d like to go down with my editorial piece.

In his interview he talks about how he’s lived in 44 houses in his life time, when he is only 44 years of age. That’s one for every year of his life. I feel this would be a strong idea to take forward to my editorial piece. 

Our thoughts are with the Japanese people affected by the Tsunami.

Our thoughts are with the Japanese people affected by the Tsunami.

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