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Thoughts on Vince Frost Interview.

Vince Frost was a pleasure to listen to. He seems like a down to earth guy that has traveled around his whole life. Having lived in 44 houses and counting. Living in countries such as Canada, UK, Japan and Australia. Throughout the interview i was getting ideas of what my editorial piece would actually look like. I was thinking as he spoke a lot about his travels throughout his life so far and that’s what i’d like to focus in the final piece.

Vince Frost Interview

So after listening to Vince Frosts interviews i managed to get down most of the conversations they had. This will make up the body of text that i will be using for my editorial piece and it is as follows: -

Vince Frost TYPE RADIO 1


Are you religious?

No. I was actually raised religious but I just didn’t like it. Haha good question to begin with by the way!


Do you have any rituals?

             Rituals? Oh god. Rituals, yeah I get up in the morning and I go to bed at night, I suppose is one of my main rituals yes. Uuuh not really, I think take each day as it comes and kind of try to do things each day differently. If that makes any sense.


Has your attitude changed then after moving to Australia?

            Mmmm It has changed a lot because umm it was quite difficult, the move to Australia. So I learnt a lot about various things, business’s and how to run a business properly and all of that kind of stuff y’know.  So I definitely think I’m doing stuff differently to how I did before.


Why did you move?

            Well I moved uuuh. Well I’ve always moved. If I go back to the beginning to when I was a child, I was always in a different school every year. I’ve lived in 44 houses now in my life and I’ve lived in Japan, London, Canada and now Australia. For me it’s just part of this on-going nomadic life y’know. I married an Australian in London around 15 years ago, and my wife sonya has always been hassling me to go to Australia to live. And I loved Australia but I didn’t feel good about that, as I loved London and what I was doing in my business. It was hard work and exciting at the same time. I just really resisted her wanting us to go there y’know. In the end I had an offer from a company in Australia to go over there to become the creative director and partner of a design company. And so I thought now this is a good way in rather than go there and start from scratch. Umm it was just a good way for me to move to Australia.


Were you able to also keep your identity when you moved there or did you have to adapt in terms of your design style or your way of thinking?

            No I think I maintained myself. Y’know I was still me and wherever I work in the world I’m not gonna change and be a chameleon and just adjust to the situation. Umm Sydney was an easy city, an easy city for me to move to. It’s not foreign in any way. It’s different in some ways, but in terms of benefits like the fantastic weather and the beach and the good lifestyle, but work wise it’s just the same for me as it was in London y’know. Clients are no more difficult, no more easy.. umm that goes slightly off the question, but it’s really good.


And you don’t consider moving again, or is this it for you?

            No, but I have said this every time I’ve moved though that this would be the last time that I moved. But I really feel at home there, I feel like I belong there. My studio’s now 30 people, we’re doing really well, we’re producing great work for people all over the world. My family, we’ve got three little kids that have settled in really well down there and they love the outdoor life. Umm the wife and me are getting on a lot better than we did before because we’re in the country that she wants to be. And uuh it’s interesting because, Australia is seen as being on completely the other side of the world but it’s not when you’re there. And I think with the Internet and the kind of ease of e-mail and the transporting of design files. To me it doesn’t make any difference. I can do the same work I do here anywhere for example.


We hear that from a lot of designers, they say that they’re actually detached from what is going on. They say they want a stronger connection to the rest of the world but you don’t feel the same way?

No not at all, actually when I was in London people warning me saying: You’ve got to be crazy, don’t go there and clients don’t understand us as designers, umm it’s ‘backward’. All this kind of stuff, and I was like shit I’m gonna go anyways. See what it’s like, I’m gonna go with an open mind. And when I got there, designers kept saying to me there’s not a big design community, clients wont understand you, there’s not a lot of work etc etc. I have never ever felt that. And I think the reason why is because how we go about doing the work. Our work is very much about collaborating with our clients, really trying to help our clients. It’s not treating the clients as us doing them a favour kind of thing with us doing our design in isolation. It’s all about holding their hand throughout the process and what comes out of it is some really strong design solutions, friendships get formed y’know. Uh that’s a really big difference in approach. A lot of designers don’t work that way, they kind of do the design and fight for whatever they’ve designed whether the client likes it or not. So that’s what I’ve experienced anyways, It’s different for everybody.


You’ve also lived the first 16 years of your life in Canada. Do you feel English, Canadian do you feel Australian?

            Well to be honest I don’t feel as if I belong anywhere. Now that’s sad. Time for the violin aha! Uhh yeah I feel very strange. When I go to Canada I feel I’m English and when I go to England they think I’m Canadian or Scottish or welsh.


Or Australian?

            No the Australian thing hasn’t happened yet.  So I’ve managed to maintain and keep my English accent.


But in Australia do they think you’re English?

They think I’m American and that’s not always a good thing. And when you go to take a cab and they think you’re American they take you a long way. They presume you’re on holiday. I mean in London I lived there for 25 years and every time I went to get a taxi, everyday they went to take me the long way because they used to think I was an American tourist y’know. So it has it’s disadvantages, and the advantages are that I’ve seen a lot of the world and I’ve been put in very difficult situations to y’know my first day at school and the whole process you go through of kind of being the new kid. Listening to what’s going on as a pose to going in there and being very confident. That stuff has clearly helped me in what I do because I listen very closely to the clues that the client give and listen to the client before I start any design process.  So I think it’s helped me in a lot of respects, but I don’t believe or feel that I belong anywhere. I mean if I were here for a month, I’d feel very much at home and I’d be very happy to live here. I seem to soon forget where I’ve come from.


Do you expect the same thing from your children also? For them to adapt as you did?

Well no, and me and my wife were saying that I don’t want to do the same thing and put them in that situation, but they’re already beginning to come like that. I mean my oldest son luka, he’s 9 and when he was 6 months old we moved to Japan for 9 months so he’s already had that experience then we went back to London and now back to Australia. And he’s been through 5 schools and he’s only 9 years old. It’s hard, it’s hard to stop that happening. I suppose we’ve always been looking for y’know, a great life,  something that we feel comfortable with.  Plus opportunities come your way and you either go with them or you don’t. I like to go with them and see where they take me. Then when you start to have children it does get, it starts to get harder.


What do you miss about London?

Well funnily enough my wife and I flew back there last Sunday for the first time in three years.  I got off the plane, and instantly thought I want to get back on the plane, because it was cold, it was damp and I felt quite nervous if I’m honest about going in to town, and plus we didn’t have our house anymore so we didn’t really feel like we belonged anywhere. We went to stay in a hotel near my old studio, which was very nice. I suppose I don’t really miss anything, I don’t have time to miss anything! I’m very busy, and when I’m not busy designing or working at the studio I’m having a great time on the beach with my kids. So I keep my mind busy and don’t think about it.


Have you taken up surfing?

Yeah I surf well I’ve been trying to surf. It’s bloody hard. I’ve been trying for about a year and a half , with every morning going out and not always being able to stand up. Both my sons Luka who’s 9 and louis who’s 7 went straight down there and they’re straight away stood up. I’ve been rescued twice… which was fun. I got caught in a rift and drifted out to sea. But yeah it’s good, it takes your mind off everything y’know.

Type Radio

So for our next project we have to produce an editorial piece by first listening to an interview on TYPE RADIO and choosing one of the designers that feature in the interview.

We have to then transcribe around 1000-1500 words of this interview (it can be on a certain part of the interview thats linked or random parts) Then produce an editorial piece that would perhaps feature in a magazine.

My initial thoughts on this project are positive because i enjoy layouts/using grids and i have pieces in my portfolio similar. This is the last project of the academic year until progressing on to do a work placement. 

Here’s some designs i did for a friend. He’s an up and coming DJ known as WOZ! We’ve not decided on a final one, or even if it will be one of these. Just ideas

Check out his music and mixes:


This is my final CV draft that i think i’m going to stick with. I took into consideration my tutors advice, and also the advise of my peers that i asked.

This is my final CV draft that i think i’m going to stick with. I took into consideration my tutors advice, and also the advise of my peers that i asked.

Not sure if i like this version better without the boxes. 

Not sure if i like this version better without the boxes. 

This is a 2nd Version of my CV. After receiving feedback on my CV I changed it to look like this.

This is a 2nd Version of my CV. After receiving feedback on my CV I changed it to look like this.

This is so cool!

This is so cool!


(Source: ladyblue86)

My Bedroom

My Bedroom

(Source: ladyblue86)

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I feel that i need to post something a little more light hearted, as i have just blogged a lot of text. I don’t know which one of the two i’d rather have as both my camera and cat are getting old. 

I feel that i need to post something a little more light hearted, as i have just blogged a lot of text. I don’t know which one of the two i’d rather have as both my camera and cat are getting old. 

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So it’s the end of this project and overall I’m happy with how it went. At the beginning of the project, I was nervous as to how I should approach this because I have never before done any animation before. I was definitely out of my comfort zone.

I started to research what my animation should be on, and had many ideas so I brainstormed and looked at existing animations on these subjects already. Originally wanting to look at bullying as I felt this was an issue that doesn’t really get enough attention. This then led to me looking at cyber bullying as I felt that social networking sites and technology were advancing at an incredible pace and it was something I was really passionate about as I use these types of things every day. Then a few days later I saw my brother chatting to someone that he met online, and it really made me worried for his safety, as they really could be anyone they want to be online. So that moved my idea along to child safety online.

I wanted to create a mature animation with hints of child likeness that all audiences would understand, especially in my illustrations. Mainly wanting to make parents aware of the amount of people online, as they may be a little old to quite understand the full extent of the Internet.


So I set about story boarding and putting together my frames for how I think my animation should go. I definitely wouldn’t have been so confident about story boarding if it wasn’t for the day brief we had (see blog for pictures and more information on the story boarding day brief).  This I felt went well, using yellow arrows to show direction, a few simple colors that ran along the whole storyboard. I drew them vaguely in pencil to know what sort of thing I was going for before going straight into them with fine liner. However not having any experience with using After Effects it was difficult to gauge what sort of things were actually possible in this program. I feel that my storyboard is clear and understandable to most. I wrote a few notes on the bottom of each frame to explain what is actually happening incase anyone was unsure.


My animation –

Overall I think my animation is informative and simplistic which is the kind of effect I was going for. However I did encounter many problems when creating it. Having never before used the program it was difficult to get in to, even with the help of the After Effects tutorials that were given to us. I found these sessions extremely helpful and Ed was really patient with dealing with our queries about the program.

Using After Effects was probably one of the worst programs I think I have ever used and don’t think I ever want to use it again. So many times I would render a piece of animation and find that everything had moved place resulting in me having to spend hours to put everything back on something that took me hours in the first place.

I do feel that if I were to get used to it and have more experience with using it, it certainly would be an amazing piece of software with endless possibilities.

I used a timeline style through two thirds of my animation, I thought this was effective in creating an order to my animation and allowed me to work out how it would go more effectively as well as it looking simplistic and visually stimulating.

My animations I wanted to get an isotype sort of feel to, but I don’t think this worked out as well as I’d wanted. I did however use illustrations that I know everyone would understand for example them Facebook Thumb, but pointing downwards to promote a negative.

I still feel my animation could be improved. If I had managed my time more effectively and not had as many problems with the software as I did I would add a voice over to talk to the viewer about more of the issues and really get across the point I’m trying to make. Perhaps even add in a tiny beat through out if I found one that would work in the background of the voice over. I would also perhaps make my illustrations more like isotypes to get the desired result.

This project as a whole was useful for me to try different software that I’m not too comfortable with using and learning new techniques such as storyboarding. I can see how this whole project will help us in future as planning is a key feature of the visual communication industry.

Skills I will take away with me after the project, can all be transferred to design based projects and I’ve found this project has boosted my confidence with these types of things.

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