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Hats! They’re just interesting!


More Images to todays one day brief:

Back of Proposed packaging

Front of packaging.

Possible Poster not in colour




Today we were put into groups to complete a one day brief, entitled:


The verbal brief stated that in order to keep the economy afloat people must spend more money and save less. So we had to come up with some sort of idea and advertising campaign that would persuade people to literally spend more money to allow for the economy to recover.

We got quickly down into a group discussion, generating ideas for how we’d go about this. We came across the idea of creating dice after getting inspiration from a product already available called SK8 Dice where, when rolled it tells you what skate trick to do. So our dice were basically about deciding where to spend your money and who to spend it on. This would be available in different styles and be tailored to appeal to each target audience such as, children, business men and students.

We produced an advertising poster, and also packaging for our product to promote it to the general public. These can all be seen in the above images captured from the presentation i put together for our group presentation to the rest of the people on my course.

Overall today i have gained teamwork skills, and learnt about other peoples approaches to live briefs. Working with people i’ve not yet got to know well on the course really was useful. A fun and interesting day.

Fuck it Harry, you’ve just discovered the first Schizophrenic road" Replied Alan Fletcher, a good friend of Harrys as he showed him a photograph that he captured of a road sign that read: Avenue Road”.

So we went to London for the day on 24/11/10 to attend a talk done by Harry Pearce. To see such a highly recognised Graphic Designer was a rare opportunity. He spoke about his experiences and how he first thought up the ideas used to inspire his work.

I particularly found him speaking about his dreams interesting. How he documents every dream he has and how they somehow link to his work and experiences in life. Using his dreams he has produced some seriously successful work for various companies. I think documenting your dreams is a really useful way of generating ideas that are produced in an unconscious state.

These are cool.

These are cool.

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How to make Times New Roman look good


How to make Times New Roman look good

Book Binding!

On monday i thought nothing could top the Letterpress sessions we did, until we had our first BookBinding session. During this session we learnt how to make a variety of different books, all using different techniques all that are simple and relatively easy to do but are all effective and can be made how you wish. We learnt Japanese Binding, using needle and thread to bind the margins together creating a simple book. Also Brochure binding, a variation of the japanese binding, allowing us to hide the stitches to create a neater finish. The circle accordian, an interesting format of book. I’m not too sure if i like this one. It can be seen in the pictures in green and black, looking quite like a restaurant menu. All these books can be adapted to any size you wish. I plan on adapting these to from now on create my own sketchbooks rather than purchase them. I enjoyed this session and can’t wait to combine these skills i learnt with LetterPress, to create a final book piece.

Critique Time!

So it’s that time! Critique time!

Initially, after the first critique where the majority of us in my group were told we’re not doing enough, i was very nervous as to what would come of todays critique! Magenta group this time had Sally and Hannah for the critique, and i must say it was really interesting. To see everyones letterpress creations and the way they perceived typography and approached this sort of task. Not one persons work was similar. I can now say i do not fear critiques! Sally made the group session comfortable, talking to us about our work and giving us feedback.

Letterpress is certainly what i would like to explore more and have signed up for extra sessions this week, which i’m stoked for! Certainly going to bring more backgrounds to print on, also i’m going to go into the workshop with a target outcome! Roll on more Letterpress!


This type face is brilliant!

PAL Sessions

Today i had my second PAL session with a couple of the students in the year above. I found the hour we had with them really helpful. They were all really friendly and easy to talk to. The guys bought in their coursework from last year that we’re doing now, and it was really useful to see what is expected of us in our coursework.

From seeing their coursework it has given me inspiration and showed me how i can make my work better and get more done at the same time. I found out that i’m possibly putting too much effort into the presentation side of my sketchbook whereas the the PAL leaders have more sketches and have not so much worried about presentation but getting their ideas on the page. These sessions will be every Monday morning and are open to tailor the sessions to what we want to get out of the hour we have with them.

Over and out.

2nd LetterPress Session

This time during our letterpress session we were able to experiment using colours and printing on different backgrounds. This was definitely better than just using black ink, and the colours allow for your words to really jump off the page and come to life. I chose to experiment with the latin phrase “Carpe Diem” meaning ‘Seize the day’. 

This was definitely my favourite thing to do so far, and can definitely see myself getting more into it. Booking a third session for Nov 4th, stay tuned! If anyones got any suggestions of phrases or ideas to make it better, don’t hesitate to let me know!

Photoshop Tutorial & Redweb

This week amongst letter press sessions we’ve also had photoshop tutorials. This is great for those on the course who are aren’t very experienced with this programme. Admittedly at first i yawned at the thought of learning photoshop basics as i know my way round this programme quite well as did many others. However having not used the programme much over the summer i was myself a little rusty! Going back over everything, clearly refreshed my memory and i learnt a lot too which i was shocked. So looking back over these tutorials i benefited from them greatly and had a laugh with everyone at the same time.

After the tutorial i attended a talk by Red Web - http://www.redweb.com/ - Web design. These guys were really down to earth and talked to us about what they do and how they have worked with such highly recognised clients such as Center Parcs, SKY and Nowrich Union. They basically explained how this is the death of the web designer. Web designers are no more! Instead it is broken into many different roles, because of the evolution of the design industry! I hope that in future i could work in what seems such a friendly environment. In a perfect world perhaps! Anyway, i really like their work and what they do! Really would consider doing my work experience with them.


So this week we’ve had Letterpress workshops. What is Letterpress i hear you say? Fear not i shall explain.

Letterpress is a form of relief printing. It’s used only for printing typography, allowing the user to arrange letters as they wish in a unique way. This was an early form of printing before your commonly used computer printers. At first i was confused as to why learning about this was necessary. And 5 minutes into it, i realised how fun, and satisfying it is to arrange your letters and print them manually. Perhaps not getting it right first time but thats the best way to learn right? Having only used black ink the first time, i’m yet to use colour, so keep your eyes pealed for more next week!

Let me know what you think the top one means in the last image as i’d like your feedback on whether it’s successful. Also is the bottom one Legible?

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